Current Work

Creature works exclusively with partners who are working on hard issues that, when overcome, will further a prosperous and equitable world. Prior to the founding of Creature Learning, we've worked on the host toolkit for Airbnb, organizing toolkits for Greenpeace, ambassador training for B Corps, a special toolkit for Human Centered Design from IDEO to credit unions, and more.  Here's a sample of our recent work.



Experience Resource Center

Creature is working with Airbnb to support Airbnb experience hosts in delivering memorable and powerful experiences. We aim to boost their understanding of meaningful hosting practices and demonstrate how the platform can support their work. Creature is developing hands-on learning resources and strategies to be delivered directly to these experience hosts.  Prior to this project and Creature's founding, we were also on the team that developed the Airbnb homes host toolkit. 

B Lab and Rhino Foods


The Income Advance Guide

Financial insecurity plagues 138 million American Workers. B Lab and Rhino Foods are spreading a proven tool to address this challenge called Income Advance. Income Advance is a lasting HR program solution that alleviates employee financial stress by providing your employees with an emergency same day loan. Creature led the development of the Income Advance guide - a toolkit to help spread the income advance model through a step-by-step guide to customizing an income advance program within an employer's organization.

Platform: Thinkific and Squarespace

The Bridgespan Group


We worked with Bridgespan to reach proof-of-concept for Bridgespan’s digital learning initiative. It’s the first blended-learning program that supports senior non-profit leaders in gaining clarity on key aspects of strategy like leadership development and program alignment. 

Platform: Visual design of a series of PDFs and early stage development in NovoEd.


wefirst logo.png

We First Works


We First Branding needed a way to expand the impact of their purpose-driven brand consulting work. Creature designed and produced We First Works - a series of educational experiences aimed at helping people identify and enact their personal purpose and company purpose. 

Platform: Schoolkeep

California Dairy Research FoundatioN

CDRF Logo print.png

The California Dairy Research Foundation needed to redesign a tool helping California dairy farmers assess, manage, and apply best practices to their management of soil and water. We built an intuitive and responsive tool to help them identify changes they can make to meet regulations and mitigate environmental impact. 

Platform: Articulate360  

Resistance Labs


Texter Training 101 and Candidate Training

Resistance Labs leverages technology and an army of passionate, remote volunteers to help progressives run and win campaigns. Resistance Labs needed a quick solution to train their text volunteers and to customize trainings for specific candidates and campaigns. Creature led the rapid strategy and deployment of their Texter Training 101 platform and their candidate customization course.  

Platform: Thinkific