360 Values


Your values affect every aspect of your organization and every person in it. They embody who you are, why you exist and where you seek to go.  

Employee adoption of your values can boost retention and motivation, reduce training expenses and company risks, and build a broader movement of true believers around your organization.  

So why are you entrusting your values to a quick 1 pager or 10 minute presentation in a new hire on-boarding?

Partner with Creature to shape this critical interaction with your employees.  Creature provides a standard process for turning your story and values into a compelling learning experience. We’ll help you set the tone for your people as they join your organization and produce a customized learning engagement that captures your leadership’s story and voice. Each experience provides a close-up view on your values, and applies your values to their everyday work life. Don’t risk losing the chance to shape the single most important interaction in your employees’ journey with your organization.

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Creature will help you bring your values to life by creating a learning experience that focuses on these three segments:


1. Founding Story
- Shaping and capturing your founding story and lay the context behind your organization’s mission. We’ll work with you to uncover your founding story and its importance and produce the most engaging artifact possible for sharing that story.


2. Values Spotlight
- Identifying your best spokespeople and present your core values as a vibrant and engaging narrative for how you conduct your everyday affairs at the organization.


3. Values in Practice -
Creating precision scenarios where values come most into play at your organization to help your people envision how these values translate into their day-to-day work life.  

Immersive, applicable and human


In partnership with Uptale

We’ve partnered with Uptale, a leading expert in practice-based 360 Virtual Reality to provide you with a customized 360 learning experience option. Immersive learning is shown to improve learner retention by 50%+ over traditional learning.

These immersive experiences are meant to be viewed at home prior to an in-person setting and can be viewed on any standard Apple or Android device or as a 360 experience on a desktop browser.  

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