Our Process

Creature is a full-service learning design studio. We partner with mission-driven organizations to design, build, and launch learning experiences that meet strategic goals and engage learners.


Discovery - Creature’s discovery process begins by honing in on the best learning strategy for your organization.  We learn all we can about the goals and intended impact of your learning project. In-depth research with your audience helps us understand their needs, motivations, and how they learn best. We map your organization’s internal knowledge resources and survey the content landscape we’re designing within.

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Concept and Prototyping - We prefer to learn what’s working (and what’s not) directly from learners. Through early user-testing and prototyping, we develop design principles and initial concepts for your learning experience.  We prototype the curriculum early, listen to feedback, and refine our concept before moving into final stages of building and production.

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Learning Design - The Creature team will work closely your subject matter experts as we build the full scope and sequence of curriculum. We use a backwards design and objective-based learning approach to make sure our learning experiences are always transferable to the real world.  In this phase, we write clear learning objectives and set guidelines for how we’ll know our learners have achieved them. We support this with strong user experience and instructional design, customized for your learners. 


Content Creation & Production Management - Creature believes in pairing great curriculum with the right technology platform. We help you navigate the fast-changing world of education technology by selecting and adapting technology that serves your learners’ needs. We always build curriculum that can easily be adapted to use on multiple platforms. 

Our network of visual designers, videographers, and copywriters bring curricula into their final form. We believe in building content that is interactive, engaging, and delightful to learners. We manage production for you - making sure that the right vendors are in place, and keeping track of all the moving parts. 


Implementation & Launch Strategy -  Getting a learning experience into the hands of your learners and motivating them to use it can be challenging. We have experience designing for both internal and external audiences. As you get ready to launch, we’ll advise on your marketing and engagement strategy to help ensure your learning experience has the impact you want. 

LMS Experience

We have expertise in building with many learning management systems. Here’s a selection of the technology we’ve worked with:

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Our Practice Areas

Creature Learning focuses its project work on three critical areas of learning.


We build learning experiences that support sustainable economies, ecosystem stewardship, and environmental activism. For example, this could mean training campaigners, supporting land management best practices, or facilitating environmental education initiatives.

Citizenship Engagement.png

Citizen Engagement
We build learning experiences that support citizen participation in progressive causes at any level of politics. For example, this could mean training canvassers, supporting local affordable housing advocates, or designing curriculum to help individuals influence their local representatives.

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Equity and Empowerment. 
We build learning experiences that support leveling the playing field across race, gender, identity, geography, class and background. For example, projects could affect education, health, housing and shelter, and employment.