Thoughts, my mind’s creatures, often are with thee, but I, their maker, want their liberty.
— John Donne

The Creature Within

In colorful ecosystems of personalities, mindsets, and needs live the creatures of our minds. Expansive and unpredictable, our thoughts adapt and shape shift to an ever-changing world - one that requires constant learning.

Creature Learning honors the creature within each of us.  We seek to uncover the knowledge and wisdom that will help us advance our understanding of ourselves and the world.  

Creature is a wild cast of self-starters, creators, and learning experts that come together to produce impactful learning experiences. As a modern organization we embrace project-based teams that represent the diversity of talent needed to design and produce appropriately for each client. We acknowledge one another’s talents, personalities, and varying work styles. Most of all, The Creature Learning collective is comprised of members who step out of their comfort zone to follow their purpose; while strong on our own, we as members know that more opportunities and better work exist within a diverse and supportive network.

If you're an education-minded technology builder, learning designer, visual or experience designer, instructional copywriting, film-maker or videography generally have experience in the learning industry reach out. Tell us more about yourself or email us at

Our Collective

Jon Bio.png

Jonathan Axtell
Co-founder and Chief Creature

I lead Creature's projects from inception through to completion. For the last 10 years, I've designed and built businesses that enable people to live better lives through learning. Now I channel all of those experiences of seasoned project leadership and creative business design to learning design and course building. 

Most recently, I've been in the education technology sector, working with school districts to implement data and literacy solutions. My first experience with scaled education was on the team that created the world's largest gathering of ethical investors and entrepreneurs, SOCAP. There I launched a training program that prepared social entrepreneurs to become investment ready while supporting a number of community educational initiatives at Impact Hub.  My career has spanned teaching socially conscious business students in China to creating a community bike business in Zambia. I hold an MBA from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies and speak Chinese.

My inner creature relies on music, contributing to my community, and being outdoors.


Jesse Sleamaker

I'm an experienced student experience designer and product manager for online and blended learning experiences. I've designed, produced, and run operations for online courses on social change fundamentals I have a particular interest in organizing and building communities to support alternative and blended learning. I've had the fortune to support partnerships with Airbnb, Greenpeace, the Bridgespan Group, We First, the Unreasonable Institute, Impact Hub, SOCAP, Ashoka U, and the International Youth Foundation. I hold a B.A. in literature and politics from Northwestern University and a Masters in international development from Cambridge University. 

I love backpacking, surfing, ceramics, and Scottish fiddle music. 


Tim Chansy
Learning Design Lead

My 18 year career revolves around training and problem-solving.  I consider everyone a customer; I am comfortable with interactions within all levels of an organization as I view every opportunity as an opportunity to help someone or learn a lesson myself.  In 2010, I left my role as a Learning Manager at Thomson Reuters to start an production studio to help companies leverage the benefits of elearning.

I joined the collective because I worked with Jon on a project and liked that we had similar attitudes, yet had different enough perspectives that we'll still learn from each other.  I'm also excited to get the support of a team while still being autonomous.


Mangrove Web Development
LMS Customization and Design

Mangrove Web Development is passionate about web design that captures and communicates the mission of their clients. Their international team builds enduring websites that grow and evolve, leaving clients free to focus on doing the work they're meant to do. Mangrove specializes in custom design and development of content management and learning management systems with a focus on both the client and end-user experience. As a certified BCorp, they have a commitment to doing business in a socially and environmentally conscious way.

Camille Robins - headshot 1.jpg

Camille Robins
Instructional design and copywriting

As a writer, editor and content strategist, Camille helps visionaries and change-makers discover and articulate their stories – increasing visibility and impact. For Creature Learning she creates effective copy using simple, direct, and accessible language, translating complex ideas into easily understandable terms. She aims for optimal readability and flow, and she always writes with end users in mind, appropriately tailoring style and tone to fit project needs. As creative partner to the Creature Learning team, she helps to provide dynamic learning experiences.


Ned Castle
Filmmaker and videographer

Ned Castle is a researcher and videographer with a background in ethnographic filmmaking. For over a decade, Ned has worked with media in cultural research, educational, and commercial contexts that emphasize collaboration and a deep engagement with the ethics of representation. For Creature Learning, Ned brings a human-centered approach to digital storytelling that informs the production process from concept to delivery.   


Corbin Lamont
Office of Virtue - Graphic design and illustration

Corbin LaMont is a participatory designer with a background in design education and systems thinking. The past ten years, she has developed a mobile practice that seeks a new model for connecting humanity. LaMont is the Principal of the Office of Virtue where she works with clients on developing visual communication for everyone from international brands to independent entrepreneurs. 


Greg Bassenian
Aris Video - Video production

Greg Bassenian is a writer director from Los Angeles and founder of film production company Aris.  When it comes to learning design, Greg strives to collaborate with clients and creatives to elevate educational material from rubric to reality.   His goal is to create visually engaging and thoughtful video content that takes the viewer on a unique learning journey.   From production design to stage direction to wardrobe color palettes, he focuses on the details of design to help create the most effective learning content he can on behalf of clients large and small.